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There’s nothing quite so scary as going to click the Next Chapter button and realizing that you just entered a committed relationship with a WIP

Dean + Guns

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Sam has better skills in lock picking, and Dean always has another ace up his sleeve.

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Long after Castiel has stopped praying, he meets God. Metatron was inaccurate in his description, but many, many centuries had passed, so it isn’t altogether surprising.

Maybe he isn’t seeing God, maybe he’s just hallucinating where he lays in one of Heaven’s hospital beds, a few scant angels in the room all singing to him. He who deserves it the least. Either way, real or unreal, the face of his Father provides untold comfort.

God smiles to him. “You’re nearly dead, Castiel.”

All he does is nod, his chest heavy and eyes drooping. Staying awake takes so much energy he doesn’t have.

God brushes a sweaty lock of hair off of his forehead. “If you could ask anything of me, Castiel, what would it be?”

Castiel takes a labored breath, remnants of a fantasy he’s harbored for the last few years playing out in his mind. “For Azazel to die in the monastery where he spoke to Lucifer.”

The room grows brighter and brighter, the angels scream, Castiel feels whole again. 

 • • •

Dean Winchester is five years old and he’s going to teach his baby brother to walk. Daddy’s sick, so he’s been with some doctors for almost the whole summer. Ten whole weeks. But he’s coming home soon, and Dean wants to prove that he’s been the man of the house while his daddy’s been gone.

Sammy giggles as he crawls to the apple tree in the front yard, trying to get around to the back of it. The tree if their miracle, mommy says. It just grew over night, and the apples it grows are the best Dean’s ever had. Especially when mommy makes pie with them.

"Boo!" Cas pops out from behind the tree and pulls Sammy to his feet.

Dean laughs and runs up to his best friend. He couldn’t ever imagine a life without Cas.

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Me coming to my friends to sob about my fandom feels




Birthday present for Marina-Ri. Happy Birthday from Vongue and I! Hope you will enjoy the art :)



Birthday present for Marina-Ri. Happy Birthday from Vongue and I! Hope you will enjoy the art :)

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A gifset for the latest bittersamgirlclub Top 5 Challenge (#5): Top 5 Moments of Sam Snark. There are about 80 zillion to choose from so, like a cordon bleu chef, I’ve chosen to serve up Sam Snark: Five Ways.

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