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I am 28% sarcasm and 72% self loathing.

are you dean winchester


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Sam Winchester does not want a plaque for saving the world. He does not want a banner for having fought against Lucifer and Hallucifer and his own nature when he was soulless. All he wants is to be normal and safe and to be treated like a human worth being called “honey” and “sweetie”. He hasn’t been treated like that in a long, long, long time. But he completely deserves it, and he always has.

Yes I felt like both of these moments were really cute but probably really meaningful to Sam. For an entire job, he didn’t get mistreated or cut down. He got to be talked to like a human being, treated with respect, and appreciated for the work he was doing. That meant everything to me. 

The thing that makes it all the more satisfying to hear other people giving pleasantries to Sam is that he wasn’t doing anything other than being himself. He wasn’t turning on any sort of charm the way that Dean tends to in these types of situations, he was just sitting at a diner counter ordering his meal. With Julia, he was just listening to her tell a story. And that’s all he needs to do. It’s like Crowley said to the demon who was impersonating Sam to Kevin in The Great Escapist - “Sam is more basic, more sincere.” And that’s the truth.

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j2, look at these losers, jared padalecki, jensen ackles

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snorting through my sobs

potter, please.

you’re twelve. no one cares about a twelve-year-old enough to be archenemies with them except maybe voldemort but then again he’s also the man who agreed to live on the back of other man’s head.

weird notion of “most powerful wizardry”, if you ask me.

and really, potter, are you actually that dense

can’t you see it written all across malfoy’s unhumanly large forehead that he just wants to be bffs with you

are you sure you’ve never banged your head on the ceiling of that stupid cupboard because i’m thinking brain damage here, sir

#omg i love that the over-inflated self importance applies to both of them like draco would TOTALLY consider himself potter’s archnemesis because it’s better than being his nobody meanwhile tom riddle is crying his deformed spirit baby self to sleep at night and anytime in between because what is he chopped liver? so sad how this changes after GOF like as soon as old voldermortz has a body again harry’s like SORRY MALFOY BIGGER PROBLEMS YOU UNDERSTAND and draco is like I MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND ugh the worst kind of transgression I THOUGHT THIS ARCHRIVALRY MEANT SOMETHING TO YOU POTTER and sirius dies and voldy truly becomes the sole recipient of harry’s rage I SAID I WAS BUSY MALFOY!!!!!! but malfoy’s dedicated antagonism is still this lovely comforting white noise throughout it all until it ISN’T and despite everything else he has to worry about harry’s like YOU GUYS I THINK MALFOY IS UP TO SOMETHING…. SOMETHING EVIL because obviously anything that distracts draco from their archrivalry is evil (see: voldemort in harry’s case) except draco doesn’t have time for HIM anymore and oh ho ho the tables turn and harry stays up late watching draco on the marauder’s map and thinking about his hair and basically voldemort is just the worst kind of cockblock

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When Sam is in second grade, his teacher assigns the class a project on their favorite thing in the world.

Sam is excited, and he makes Dean walk him to the convenience store they saw when they first pulled up into town, so he can get materials. Dean grumbles and rolls his eyes, and Sam pretends he doesn’t see the small smile on Dean’s face as Sam reaches for his brother’s hand so they can walk across the street. Sam makes Dean stand at the front of the store so he can get the stuff he needs in private and Dean huffs a laugh when Sam teeters on his tiptoes to get the basket onto the conveyor belt.

They walk back to the motel, one of Sam’s small hands clasped tightly in Dean’s, the other gripping the bag full of art supplies. Dean grins down at Sammy and hands him the Snickers bar he’s snuck into his pocket.

Sam’s so excited about his project, and he won’t tell Dean what it is or let him see, because he wants to show it to Dean after he turns it in and Ms. Applebaum puts one of those scratch n’ sniff stickers on it that says “Good Job!”, because he wants Dean to be proud of him, to see how good he can be.

Sam never gets the opportunity to bring his project home to Dean. Sam knows he’s done something wrong because Ms. Applebaum is frowning at him even though she insists he’s not in trouble, there’s that little furrow in her brow that appears whenever she gets upset and crinkles her face up all weird, and then he’s in a chair in the guidance counselors office and the woman with the bushy eyebrows is asking him weird questions about Dad and Dean.

“It’s okay, you can tell me,” she tells him, eyes wide and voice breathy. “If they’re hurting you you can tell me, you won’t get in any trouble. You’re safe here, Sam.”

He’s sent to sit outside in a hard plastic chair like the ones from the emergency room, and he can hear Ms. Applebaum and the bushy eyebrow lady saying things like “unsafe environment for a child” and “attachment bordering on obsession” and “absent parent” and “unhealthy codependency” and Sam really, really doesn’t wanna be there, wishes he could be anywhere else in this moment, really. He doesn’t understand what’s going on, but he can tell that it’s bad because all the adults are shooting him these worried, sympathetic looks and he heard the words “should probably be removed from the home” a couple of minutes ago and he knows that they’re talking about him, even if he can’t fathom why.

The lady at the reception desk gives him a piece of candy and a letter for his dad, saying “make sure he gets this and comes up to the school, this is very, very important Sam and I’m trusting you with this because your dad didn’t come to the phone,” and Sam hides the letter at the bottom of his backpack and is relieved for the first time ever that Dad moves them out of the town 3 days later.

He never mentions it to Dean or to Dad, and after that Sam stops trying to explain how much he loves his brother, because people don’t seem to understand and he doesn’t want to lose Dean.

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im a very open and accepting person until you talk shit about sam winchester

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I think one of my favourite things ever is the fact that before she watched Supernatural, my girlfriend literally thought that the plot was that two angels had fallen from heaven as children, and were found by an old drunk named Bobby who called them Sam and Dean, and chose the name “Winchester” after his favourite gun, then raised them to hunt monsters.

Someone get on this, it sounds like a perfect reverse verse fic.

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